Robert C. Crawford, K8VFV                

Hi, I go by Bob on the air, my Novice exam was administered by Don W8UUH in the spring of 1960.  The Novice license came in the mail on Saturday morning, 16 July 1960 and I made my first contact with one of my Elmer's, Art KN8SWW, at noon with Heathkit's AR-3 with a QF-1 and a DX-20 through a B&W balun to a long wire.  One morning after work, Art showed up and went up to the shack and took the AR-3 and the QF-1 and traded it in for a Hallicrafters S-108.

In 1977 I built a complete Heathkit SB-104A station. In June of 1980, I was in a position to sell the Heathkit SB-104A station and buy, from the second owner, some late R/E Collins S-Line equipment.  I have sold most of my Collins gear and am now running a K3 and a SPE Expert 1K-FA on 160 through 6 meters.  I have Elecraft tranverters for 144, 222 and 432 MHz.  So, now we can communicate on any band from 160 through 0.7 meters. 

I have accomplished 6 BWAS, I need to finish up the WARC bands, 9 BDXCC, Mixed and Phone #1 Honor Roll and DXCC Honor Roll CW.  My DXCC Digital confirmed total is 316.  I have earned 5BWAZ #179  which currently stands at 195 worked and 195 confirmed.  I also have achieved 160 Meter WAZ # 418 with 30 Zones confirmed.  I also enjoy chasing states and grids on the VHF and UHF bands.  KL7 and KH6 are needed for WAS on 6 Meters.  37 states are confirmed on 2 Meters.  VUCC on 6 Meters is 528 and 122 on 2 Meters.  222 MHz and 432 MHz are coming along nicely.

The Heathkit Station

The Collins S-Line Station, 2nd Collins S-Line Station, The Collins KWM-2A Station

The Collins A-Line Station

Home Brew 160 Meter Amplifier

In addition to ham radio I am also enjoy genealogy, Scouting, wood working and have even restored a car.

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Chevrolet Impala Convertible