At the age of 8, I joined Pack 33 in Milford.  Our Pack meetings were held at the Baker Elementary School on Union Street.  I remember walking home from a Den meeting held at Mrs. Smail's home on Washington Street on the south side of Milford.  We had carved animals out of an Ivory soap bar.  Later, I remember my mother being a Den Mother.  Pack meetings were held regularly and I advanced through the ranks of Wolf, Bear and Lion.  I then advanced to Webelos.  I remember learning how to cut a piece of wood with a cross-cut hand saw.  Mr. Parker was our Webelos instructor.  Sometime in early 1957, I attended a Winter campout at the Proud Lake Recreation Area.  The campout took place near the Boat Launch off of Bass Lake Road.  In the Spring of 1957 I joined Troop 33 in Milford.

The Troop meetings were held in the basement of the American Legion Hall on Commerce Street.  One of the first things we did was take a First Aid class.  The class was held at the Walled Lake High School on Oakley Park Road.

Troop 33 FAC

I found my Second Class Record card and in early June of 1957 I had completed the requirements for 2nd Class.  I did not find to much more about the events of 1957.  I am sure that I was at least working on the First Class requirements and hiked a couple of trails, the Wauseon Trail in northern Ohio and the Freedom Trail that was between Adrian and Tecumseh.  I know that in early 1958 I started working on my "God and Country" religious award, once earned, given by the Methodist Church.  I was awarded that medal on Boy Scout Sunday in the Methodist Church in Milford in 1959.

In the Spring of 1958 work began on the Chief Pontiac Trail.  This was designed as a two day hike on a trail that extended from the Chief Pontiac Monument at the corner of Commerce Road and Indian Trail in Orchard Lake to two different points in Kensington Park, depending on which method you chose to transport yourself on the second day, more on that later.  In order to hike this trail on "Opening Hike" a scout had to work 40 hours to help build it.  After you had put in your 40 hours, you had earned your "Pioneer" patch.  There were addition requirements that had to be completed before you could hike this trail.  One of which was to research Chief Pontiac and write a report.  Another was to carry everything that you needed for the second day hike on your back!  Dad and I shared a pup tent made of 2 ponchos, each of us carried one and we tried them together and hung them over a rope strung between two trees.  The second day could be hiked or canoed to the end.  Upon completion of the hike, the Scout was awarded a "Pioneer" Chief Pontiac trail medal.

Here is a photo of the Scouts & Scouters that were going to hike the complete trail.  I am still working on the names.
The following two photos are from the Milford Times.

Here are the Scouts & Scouters that canoed the second day.  Again I am still working on the names.

I was called out for Vigil Honor during the Noquet Lodge Summer Conclave and Ordeal on 20 August 2016 at Silver Trails Scout Reservation, Jedo, Michigan.

I was presented with my "Chew Toy" at Roundtable on 8 September 2016 by our Pon-Man Chapter Advisor Cliff Dobrowski.

I completed the Vigil Overnighter on 23 October 2016.  After the Vigil breakfast

I was presented with the Vigil Honor framed certificate by Tyler James.